Tightrope Recording

Tightrope Recording


Tightrope is a team of creative specialists.  We take ideas and turn them tangible.  We are the means to your albums, demo reels, podcasts, audio books, voiced animated shows and so much more. Stop waiting around for things to happen and get in the booth.


Max Fabian (Master Engineer/Beat Master/ Master Guitar Slayer/Master of any following Masters, Janitorial)

Nyle Kenning (Engineer/Master of Percussions/Podcast Consultant/Recently Had A Baby)

We provide an environment conducive to imagination turned reality.


Tightrope is dedicated to serving the Chicago community for its need in sound production and engineering.  Our studio will serve as the hub for producing podcasts, sound design and music.  If you have a project in mind, send us a message.    We can make it happen.